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Auto Theft

Don't Make It Easy for a Thief To Steal Your Wheels
One vehicle is stolen every 20 seconds in the United States. Stolen cars, vans, trucks, and motorcycles cost victims time and money - and increase everyone's insurance premiums. They're also often used to commit other crimes.

Don't become a victim of this serious crime.

The Basic Prevention Policy
bulletNever leave your keys in the car or ignition.
bulletAlways lock your car, even if it's in front of your home.
bulletCopy your tag number and vehicle identification number (VIN) on a card and keep them with your driver's license. Keep the registration with you, not in the car.
bulletKeep the keys to your home and car separate.
bulletKeep your car in good running condition. Make sure there's enough gas to get there and back.
bulletAvoid parking in isolated areas with little foot or auto traffic. Be especially alert in unstaffed lots and enclosed parking garages.
bulletIf you think someone is following you, drive to the nearest police or fire station, open service station, or other open business to get help.
bulletDon't pick up hitchhikers. Don't hitchhike yourself.
bulletIf you often drive at night, or alone, consider a CB radio or cellular phone to make it easier to summon help in a emergency.
source: National Crime Prevention Council

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