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History of Patton Borough

The early 1800's saw the development of Cambria County into settlements. The immediate area in and near the future site of the borough of Patton was initially surveyed by Count Sedloski in 1829. The first settlers in the valley known as "Polish Corners", later known as "Marks Mills", and later to become "Patton", are reported to be enterprising men and their presence here is easily explained by following the valley's natural waterway, "Chest Creek". Although no specific records exist to document the dates of these men's residence, legend contends that these men were gainfully self-employed as either trappers, traders, farmers or lumbermen at Polish Corners as early as 1844.

Patton was named to honor John Patton and his son, A.E. Patton, whose tireless efforts were powerful factors in the incorporation and development of the new town. Other pioneers in this work were Honorable James Kerr, General John Magee, A.G. Palmer, George S. Good, and others after whom streets are named.

In 1895, the Patton Clay Manufacturing Company was incorporated. It became one of the largest clay manufacturers in the world making clay products that were used world wide to build such things as the Panama Canal.

The Patton of today sees a bright future with additions of Doctor Ann Wetzel, Patton Plaza, The Meadows, Patton Terrace and Brickwood Housing Development located on the old Clay Works grounds.



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