Building Permits are Issued through the:

Cambria – Somerset COG

322 Schoolhouse Road
Suite 100
Johnstown, PA  15904


 Ed Kline        (814) 266-3070

Nick Bailey (814) 266-3070

A common misconception is only new construction require permits.  Upgrades and replacements may also require a permit.  Call before you start your project with any questions.


2018 Cambria-Somerset COG Regional Code Agency Permit Application  

2019 Cambria-Somerset COG Regional Code Agency Permit Fee Schedule

2018 Cambria-Somerset COG Regional Code Agency Permit Fee Schedule

Forms are also available at the Borough Office.


Some Projects that Do Not Require an Inspection require

a Land Use Permit – Land Use Permits are Issued through the Borough Office.

Land Use Permits are currently $10.00.  Projects such as sheds over

120 square feet and cosmetic stone facing fall into this category.

Land Use Building Permit Application Form

Form More Information on Land Use Permits contact the Borough  Offices.


New Driveways

Permits for driveways or curb cutting on State Roads even though they run through the Borough ( i.e. Mellon Avenue,  sections of 4th and 5th Avenues etc.)  must be obtained by PENN DOT.

Currently there is no cost to apply for a Patton Borough permit for driveways or curb cutting however a permit still must be obtained.  NO such work should be performed without first obtaining a permit.   Click Here for Patton Borough Highway Occupancy Driveway Curb Cut Form 

Completed applications should be submitted back to the Borough Office for review by Borough Council.

Work should not be started until a permit is issued.


Are you in the Flood Plain?

Click here for Link to the FEMA Flood Map Address Inquiry

Click here for link to the Department of Labor and Industry – Building Codes


Miscellaneous Permits – Commercial Solicitation Permit 

Solicitation Permit Application Form

Solicitation Permits must be submitted in person  to the Patton Borough Office.

Currently there is no fee for this permit.

Miscellaneous Permits – Livestock Keeping /Harboring

Application for Keeping Harboring of Livestock within the Borough Limits

Please submit your application to the Patton Borough Office.  Once it is reviewed if it is accepted a permit will be issued.


Open Records Requests

Standard Right-to-Know Request Form in  | PDF and DOCX (updated Feb. 3, 2020)

This request may be submitted in person, by mail, by facsimile or e-mail to: Patton Borough – Attn: Donna Dunegan, Open Records Officer – 800 Fourth Avenue, Patton, PA 16668 -814-674-3641   Fax  814-674-3676