Congratulations to Patton Borough resident Sharon Karlheim on her Blue Ribbon win at the Pa State Farm Show.

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PATTON, Pa. (WTAJ) — In the small town of Patton Pennsylvania, one of their very own residents has just taken home a pretty sweet honor. Sharon Karlheim won a blue ribbon for her apple pie recipe at the PA state farm show. And while it certainly looks, and tastes like a prize winner, it has taken Sharon years to perfect.

“I stayed with the similar design, but I just kind of upped the pattern a bit with a basket of apples apple pie and this year, I made two colors of dough, made a double weave and changed my apple combination a little bit and they called my number and I had the blue ribbon for the best pie — I was very very happy,” says Karlheim.

After many tries, Sharon knew, this exact recipe was the one. “I always try to just up my game you never know what they’re looking for – you never have the same judges so you know you just kind of have to go with your gut feeling and go what you like,” says Karlheim.

Sharon credits her husband for being her biggest support. “Oh yes- oh yes my husband is my biggest fan,” says Karlheim. He’s supported Sharon every step of the way. Like I said I had some mobility issues and I still deal with a lot of that but when I go to the farm show he takes me down, he drops me off at the door right where the baking is he takes everything in, sets it down you know he’s my number one support,” says Karlheim.

The requires a lot of patience, and skill… “It’s not like cooking, I think cooking you can just kind of eye things up and add a little bit of this a little bit of that but baking is really a science and you really have to weigh and measure,” says Karlheim.

But for Sharon, she says baking is just a hobby. “I’m certainly not professional but I just kept trying new things trying different ways of doing things,” says Karlheim. “It is a hobby yes, I don’t have a business I don’t want a business it’s just a hobby.”

Step by step, Sharon works her way through the process, hoping that every small detail will catch the attention of the judges. “You just hope for the best because when you get there they’re all you know number one prize winners to start with so you just have to hope that there’s something about your entry that the judges like and it stands out and you get that ribbon Karlheim says. And not only look good, but taste good too. “First of all you have to have a good tasting pie – you know pretty is really important especially for judging but it all boils down to taste you want a good tasting apple pie.”

As far as where she goes from here – Sharon says she’ll keep on going. “Now my husband and I both talked about that and he’s like you know we’re going to go to the farm show you might as well take something so I don’t know I think i’m maybe, I’m not 100% I’m 99% sure i probably won’t do the apple pie again although come fall time I may change my mind but I’m definitely going to do the chocolate cake and angel food again to try to get a blue ribbon there, it May happen, it may not if it doesn’t. I’m still happy that I’ve gotten as far as I have,” Karlheim says.

And Sharon’s advice to other bakers… “Go for it you may not win first time, second time or third time but if you really like doing it do it you know just learn from every time you make a mistake learn from it and keep trying you just never know.”