Patton Borough – Government

Council Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7 PM

in the Council Chambers Room at the Municipal Building (Unless otherwise noted.)

You Must be on the Agenda to speak at a Public Meeting. Please contact the Borough Office at least One week prior to be added to the Agenda.


 UNDER RESOLUTION No.  2024-04-02


A. Equipment may only be set up so they are not blocking an exit

             or interfering with the Meeting

B. If recording you must stay at least ten feet away from the Council

           during the recording

C. You may only record during the Public portions of the Meeting.

D. All Parties  MUST tell  the Council prior to the Meeting they plan to

           record so they are not in violation of the Wiretapping Law

2024 July Council Agenda

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2024 January Reorganization


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2023 July Council agenda  rescheduled meeting)

2023 July Special Meeting for Road Program agenda

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2023 May Special Meeting of Council For Personnel Matters

2023 May Council Agenda Website

2023 April Council Agenda Continued 

2023 April Council agenda

2023 March Council Agenda Website

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2023 January Council Agenda – revised for date correction

2023 January Council Agenda


2022 December Council agenda – Revised for Date Change

2022 December Council Agenda

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2022 September Agenda 09-20-2022

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2022 February Agenda- Council Website and Posted Copy

2022 January Regular Agenda – Council Post Website etc.

2022 January Reorganization Agenda Reschedule


2021 December Agenda- Council Website and MB

2021 November Council Agenda – Website and MB

2021 October Reg Council Agenda Website and MB


Borough Officials

Mayor  Jonathan Welchko

Council President  Mike Pompa

Council Vice President  Ray Keith

Council Member  Randall G. McQuillen

Council Member Charlene Shilling

Council Member  Fred Shilling

Council Member  Pat Wood

PT Business Manager/ Interim Secretary/Treasurer- Donna Dunegan

Assitant Borough Secretary/ Director of Park and Recreations – Charlene Shilling

Borough Clerk – Jennifer Link

Chief of Police Travis Shilling

Street Foreman Fred Price

Real Estate Tax Collector  Pauline Albright – 814-674-3675

Wage and OPT Tax Collector  Berkheimer

Engineering Firm: Keller Engineers.

Solicitor  C.J. Webb

Miscellaneous Committee Assignments

Patton Municipal Authority

The Patton Municipal Authority was formed under Act 382 of the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1945. The Authority was among the first in the state to be formed under this Act.

The Authority meets on the Wednesday following the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 PM in the borough council chambers.

Original members were: Senator John J. Haluska, George Lehman, Frank Young, Frank Schwab, and Dr. B.J. Overberger.

Present members are:

Chairman- Ed Link

Vice Chairman John Weakland

Secretary/ Treasurer – Liason -Fred Shilling

PT  Business Manager – Donna Dunegan

Member at Large –  Don Kirk

The Authority is used as a legal arm of local government to obtain funds for projects that the Borough itself does not have enough borrowing power to obtain.  The day to day business of the PMA is Managed by Patton Borough Council on behalf of the PMA.  Due to its role the Municial Authority only meets peridically to conduct business for special projects and other related business.