GRANT NEWS on some of the grant projects the Borough is working on:

Update: 04/21/2021 The Patton Municipal Authority is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a $600,000 Penn Vest grant to replace approximately 700 feet of cast iron pipe on “Main Street” ( the 400 Block of Magee Avenue ) that has leaded joints, as well as 600 feet of the service line.  The project will support water loss efforts by replacing aging infrastructure and reduce the possibility of lead-contaminated water.  As more information becomes available we will update the customers in the project area.

2021 –  The Patton Municipal Authority has applied for a grant for to replace the Water Line on “Main Street” ( the 400 Block of Magee Avenue ) – The PMA will be notified if the Grant is awarded to the PMA in April/ May of this year. In conjunction with this project Patton Borough Council has applied for funding for a Street Scape grant for the “Main Street” ( 400 Block of Magee Avenue) for sidewalks and other improvements.  


East Carroll Twp is expanding their service area with the PMA to include about 80 additional sewage customers in the Carroll Road and Reilly’s areas.  This area will be served as a bulk sewage customer.

Patton Borough Police Department – Received $16,000 from a grant from the Department of Justice for Police equipment for the Police Department.