Ice Pigging continues thru October 11th.

If your street is being ice pigged DO NOT turn on your water or you could draw in dirty water.

Streets in the area of the ice pigging streets may experience low flows or disruptions in service.

Thank you.

Update:  – FRIDAY,OCTOBER 6, 2017 – The Ice Pigging schedule for Friday, October 6, 2017 has been changed: The following streets will be ice pigged Friday. Do not turn on your water including flushing your toilet.  Even turning on your water a litte bit will draw in dirty water.  Balon Road – Entire Service Area, Edelweiss Street – 7th Avenue to Balon Road, 4th Ave – 900 Block to 1205 4th Avenue, the entire length of Highland Avenue, Ridge 1300 Block of Ridge Avenue. The following areas surrounding this area will have low to no water pressure including the 300 Block of Palmer Avenue, 200 &300 Block of Herriman Avenue, McIntyre, and Railroad Avenues, Ivy, Jasmine, Birch and Lily Streets and Lower Third Avenue.

Update:  – MONDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2017 This is a Public Service Announcement from the Patton Borough Water Department. Due to Ice Pigging in your area – Monday, October 9, 2017 the following areas will have low to no water pressure including the Sheetz, 308 Magee Avenue to 1st Avenue, Haluska Avenue, 72 Beech Avenue to the 300 Block of Beech Avenue. 800 Block of Ridge Avenue, 803 Third Avenue, this interruption in service will be from approximately 7am until 12 noon.