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Patton Fire Company Number 1

The Patton Volunteer Fire Company Number 1 was organized in 1893, and incorporation papers were applied for on May 31, 1896. On June 1, 1897, incorporation papers were granted by the courts. The original board was composed of John Boyce, W.J. Fisher, Jack Scheid, William Howe, Ruel Somerville, and John Monteith.

Records show that members of the old Hope and Reliance Fire Companies of Philipsburg, Center County, who had moved to the Patton area, attended the Central District Volunteer Firemen’s Convention in Philipsburg in 1893. There they realized a need for a fire company in Patton. They first met in a store located at 720 Fifth Avenue owned by F.H. Kinkead. Later a meeting was held in the old Miner’s Hall.

In or around 1897, a lot was purchased by the Company at 420 Lang Avenue. A two-story frame building was erected with all the work being done by volunteers. This building not only housed the fire-fighting equipment, which consisted of a single hand-drawn hose cart with a forty foot drag line and 100 feet of fire hose, but was also used for town meetings and social events.

In 1913, a lot was purchased on the corner of Fourth and Magee Avenues, and in 1914, the Fire Company and Borough Officials agreed to construct a building. In 1974, the Fire Company purchased the old theater building from Blatt Brothers. This building was renovated by volunteers and is used as an engine room and social room (with a kitchen) and a storage area.

The Patton Fire Company Number 1 not only serves Patton Borough, but also furnished fire protection to Chest Springs, Chest Township, East Carroll Township, Elder Township, Clearfield Township, St. Augustine and St. Lawrence through agreements with the municipalities and neighboring fire companies. Many other fire companies have agreements of mutual aid throughout the county.

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Patton Borough Police

Members of the Patton Police Council first organized the Patton Borough Police Department on November 30, 1893. The first High Constable to be appointed was Sam Jones and today the Police Force still continues in the Borough with two full-time police officers and three part-time officers.

Chief – Travis Shilling

Police Station – Phone Number – (814) 674-3650 

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Hastings Area EMS

In 2022, the Borough Council named the Hastings Area Ambulance as the primary ambulance for Patton Borough.

The Hastings Area Ambulance now has a sub-station located at the Municipal building to better serve our community with emergency services.